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Our team

Our team consists of 3 core members, Ephora's co-founders, Evi-Mara, Roos and Camilla, and Martin, Ephora's business development advisor.

We invest heavily in collaborative relationships and networks, to realise the circular economy together. We have a supporting team of experts and mentors to help us scale-up. In order to scale-up, we built a consortium with the University of Saxion, currently conducting research on our project, and two industry partners, a jute recycler and a weaving company, which have the facilities to test and produce our fabric. We have a collaborative relationship with fashion designer Sylvia Calvo BCN, who is working with circular and jute materials. Furthermore, we build on our network of jute-bag users, knowledge institutes, textile and jute experts, fellow CE enthusiasts and innovators. We make it a priority to always look out for collaborations with people and parties that are as excited about the circular economy and overthrowing the status-quo as we are. We truly believe that we can only make the transition to a circular world if we work together in an equal, inclusive and transparent way.


Evi-Mara van Beekhuizen

Co-founder, CEO


Roos van Buren

Co-founder, COO


Camilla Visconti

Co-founder, CCO


Martin van Zwol

Business development advisor

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